About us

Poppy & Hen is unique and happy, just like our customers. We are a family run business, created out of a love for sewing, children's fashion, and fun fabrics. We use vintage patterns, taken directly from our great-grandmother's closet. As avid seamstresses we pay great attention to detail and believe in the art of top-notch sewing. We encourage all little girls to be unique, and hope to bring the same uniqueness to each collection we create.

Our Summer Collections are created using 50's and 60's patterns, as we believe this was a period in time that embodies childhood innocence and freedom. Our collection is full of vibrant colors and happy prints that embody the essence of summer and travel. Whether your child wants to be playing in the garden and digging in the dirt, walking on the beach or taking photographs, we hope that our dresses can make your summer days bright!